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Pigeon Netting

This basically ensures the premises of your building, flat, apartment, commercial, to stay clean from littering of pigeon, It basically keeps the premises clean and saves you from many diseases. There are hooks installed according to the surface, we drill in the surface area to fix the pigeon netting. Nets are basically UV rated and have high power sun, Repellent material. Therefore it's stretchable and doesn't tier from sun rays. We ensure the cleanest way to installed the net. Therefore we all only Focusing to keep the premises clean. The product installed is a nylon material and can't be cut by the beak of any kind of bird. Therefore this can only be installed in the squared area.


Mosquito Netting

The installation of the mosquito netting basically ensures to restrict the entry of mosquito in the area. There are different colors of mosquito netting which is basically installed in the commercials, apartments, flats, buildings. This product acts as a mosquito repellent. Therefore the installation is basically keeps the premises, clean from any bird, mosquito, any kind of flying creature. These are mainly used in restaurant areas. Therefore this basically tries to save you from many diseases.


Defender & Wide Bird Spike-Plastic-Light
The defender wide Pigeon Spike plastic is a great product to stop pigeons landing & roosting, it can protect a ledge of up to 8 inches deep. If the ledge is larger you will need extra rows of spikes. Unlike alternative bird control product, this is the most humane product on the market as it acts as a barrier to stop the birds.

Adhesine Silicon

MS polymer Adhesine, ideal for all sealing and bonding application on all materials

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